1. Ronaldo

    Classy to the last

  2. Kris Jenner

    Fucking clown

  3. CK

    Oh, so THAT’S what a dickpurse is for. Boy do I feel stupid.

  4. I didn’t even need to see yesterdays picture to know there’s a dick on the other side of that purse.

  5. Jenna

    Wow. Dressing like Bieber and tongue wagging like Miley. What could possibly go wrong with that?

  6. EricLR

    I’m beginning to sympathize with Chris Brown.

  7. When you’ve only dated Chris Brown, I guess that IS what all guys seem like to you.

  8. I'mCool

    Hey, Rihanna, can I hold my wallet up to your face? It has a picture of a fist on it.

  9. Madonna's Testicles

    Nice outfit loser. Kid & Play called. They said you suck!

  10. anonym

    This world is so fucked up. The people with least class have the most money

  11. Cock Dr

    Flamboyant extravert getting down with her fans or just another sad & desperate cry for attention?

  12. When I said that all Rihanna fans were retarded I didn’t realize how literal I was being.

  13. Thanks for wiping your ass with everybody’s flags, asshole.

  14. I don’t understand; I can’t see through this outfit at ALL.

  15. Seriously no class. It is just embarrassing.

  16. A dickbag with a dick bag.

  17. sam i are

    It’s funny; people were always saying Miley is trying to be Rihanna…

  18. Heathrow Janitor

    whatev…… everybody still wants to bang her… so, yeah, there’s that….

  19. Hurray for feminism.

  20. This new trend of young female celebs taking their cues from The Exorcist is really working well

  21. martina

    She needs new medication

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