1. Senor Trout

    You’d think Hilary Clinton would have better things to do than hang out at a film festival.

  2. McDouchey


  3. Why is she wearing a cross…..these people hate Christians.

  4. Codot

    “What Ever Happened to Baby Madge?”

  5. rican

    Grandma Donna

  6. Richard McBeef

    She looks like hell, but my stock portfolio is heavy in hot wax hair removal companies so I’ll put up with it.

  7. Any Guy

    at this point her ancient overly-used vagina must look like someone dropped a chicken-parm on the ground.

  8. TomFrank

    The transformation into Pope Benedict XVI isn’t readily apparent, but the eyes, clothing, and crucifix are dead giveaways.

  9. Little too much bukkake in her base. She need to add more pastel tones.

  10. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    We need to cut someone’s finger and stick it in her mouth

  11. and so the ritual is complete. Lady Gaga is indeed a man. (Insert maniacal laugh)

  12. Liz

    Well, it looks like crosses are useless against her. Let’s try fire next.

  13. kimmykimkim

    She’s starting to look like Courtney Love.

  14. Bonky

    Another year or so and she’s gonna look like Margaret Thatcher.

  15. Venom

    I am confused, isn’t she a Jew now or something like that?

  16. Anni Christ

    Sister Modonna, the Jew.

  17. dontlooknow

    This “nun” look fits the face.

  18. Emma

    The crypt must be having a rough week in the stock market.

  19. IbePiglet

    THANK YOU so much! I will now be content with aging because obviously fighting it doesn’t work.

  20. AnnaDraconida

    She looks dreadful, even for her age. Her face seems swollen.

    • She’s had a lot of filler injected, in addition to botox. And I’d say she either had some cheek implants put in a few years ago – she was thiner then, so they looked like hell – or else she went totally overboard with injectibles over the cheek bones.

  21. tkb

    Really? Still with the crosses?

  22. Immaterial girl.

  23. Julia

    See that look in her eyes? She’s spotted the next virgin sacrifice for her blood-bathing ritual.

  24. bbiowa

    So Bette Davis and Joan Crawford had a love child…

  25. Star Surfer

    That deal with the devil doesn’t look like it worked out so well – looks like she’s become the picture of Dorian Gray

  26. Calypso

    Death Becomes Her

  27. Dr Ha-Ha

    The poor man’s Marlene Dietrich.

  28. Audieme

    that face so full of stuff, all types of liquid, her own flotation device

  29. fandy

    wow…she looks like s**t

  30. Clown Shoes

    Damn. Time, like Madonna, is a bitch.

  31. zomgbie


  32. Kirsten Dunst looks different…

  33. oldfool

    And your little dog Toto, too.

  34. Pip pip cheery-o

    Just a few minutes ago I was listening to Rob Zombie’s “Living Dead Girl.” I now realize it was the perfect segue to this photo.

  35. Toy4Paco

    First of all, she is 53 years old! I think she looks pretty good, considering! Second of all, just because you study Kaballah does not make you a Jew! Third of all, what are you people going to look like when you’re 53? Most of you are probably not as pretty as Madonna! MADONNA is the QUEEN!!!! ALWAYS WILL BE!!!!! She has more money in her purse than most of you will earn in a lifetime! Haters, go to hell! This bitch came from nothing! Her last tour grossed $400 Million! The highest grossing tour by any single artist EVER!!!! Do you know who’s record she broke from the year before????? HER’S!!!! You all should take a look in the mirror before posting such hateful words! She is the best female artist EVER!!!!!!! Every female artist in the last 25 years lists MADONNA as their # 1 inspiration! Idiots!

    • HITLER

      HOMO…..that’s what you are.

      ps I LOVE KIDS!!! ….but not the jewish kind.

    • terry

      Yeah you can Toy4Paco is a real ass twink. Only a two woon fu would carry on with that bullshit ass crap she/it/undefined alien life form has just written.
      But go on girl! Bounce your pre-op tranny titties to yet another over-produced, non sensical dance track by this RICH; yet, TALENTLESS bitch who has a new boy(a quarter of her age) toy around her bought at a discount African children.

      • Toy4Paco

        Yes Two woon fu makes sense! You’re an idiot! Learn the title of the movie! It’s To Wong Foo! Asshole! I stand by everything I wrote earlier! She is the QUEEN and always will be! You’re an IDIOT and always will be!

    • Toy4Paco

      You’re right, I am a homo! Damn proud of it! You’re name is Hitler?!?!? How dare you use that name? So, let me get this right, you bash somebody for admiring an entertainer and you name yourself after somebody who is responsible for the deaths of 40 million people? Better do some soul searching sweetheart! You’re going to HELL!!!!!!

      • Steelerchick

        Would you like a tampon?

      • malc0mn

        Still think she looks bad (The Mme. Tussauds vergin [did I spell that right?] looks better…). Some say Michael Jackson was the king (or queen for that matter) and he looked like crap too, so hey…

    • assholesR'us

      you’re new here hey?

    • hitmewithyourbestshot

      she’s ONLY 53 years old!!! she shouldn’t look this shitty until at least 60! not now days

  36. Mary

    Toy4Paco….on a site made for haters… I salute you. Well said my friend.

  37. terry

    I can’t believe 27 years have passed by that fast since her borderline video dropped on MTV(1984) and she looked like a total hottie. Shit!!!

  38. Manowl

    Chucky’s bride

  39. Toy4Paco

    $400 MILLION last year!

  40. It looks like she skipped collogen and botox and went straight to the semen injections.

  41. catapostrophe

    Who’s that girl?

  42. Facebook Me

    Somewhere Guy Ritchie is waking up after looking at that and saying, “Yup, I WIN!”

  43. chupacabra

    Helen Mirrin just PWNED her ass.

  44. Raaaaaaaa

    fresh from an appointment with Priscilla Presley’s plastic surgeon

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