1. dontkillthemessenger

    Red hair? Check.

    Vagina? Check.

    Legs I’d lick for 7 weeks straight? Check.

    I approve.

  2. baron of all media

    All those stems are missing is a couple of olives on the ends

  3. Bonky

    She’s so hot and cute and sweet and yet she married a screaming pile of dog crap named Sacha Baron Cohen. What the hell is wrong with this woman ?

  4. Venom

    Very nice very very nice.

  5. Arzach

    Oh yes, I do

  6. Om nom nom. Still won’t go see the movie.

  7. Woman in glasses: “OK, here’s your change. She’ll meet you in the alley. No foreplay, buddy! There’s a fuckin’ lineup.”

  8. Coyote

    Not Diggitty Damm

  9. doogleberg

    She has perfect legs…feet on one end and pussy on the other.

  10. chupacabra

    Take note, Lindsay Lohan, this could have been you if you stayed out of the sun, kept your red hair, kept eating and never, ever did cocaine.

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