1. Colin

    And isn’t it ironic, dontcha– wait what? That’s not Alanis? Carry on.

  2. J

    Wait she can write???

  3. Richard McBeef

    Still a few surprise guests left at The Superficial’s Horse Week.

  4. I am still sad she got rid of those magnificent jugs of her’s.

    she should have been arrested.

  5. I prefer natural women, so I hate that whenever I masturbate to her, I have to use old stills from Punky Brewster.

  6. That’s Spunky Brewster to you!

  7. Venom

    She used to be the hottest thing ever, just like Alyssa Milano.

  8. Ismoss

    Now that is what you call not living up yo your potential.

  9. KC

    Looks like “Happy Hos”

  10. Hollywood, Rough+Fame

    The book I want to read from her is how she stirred clear from being one of dog chapman’s ex wives.

  11. Arzach

    Breast reduction is evil America! Rise against it!

  12. HITLER

    SJP just passed the “horse face” baton on to this pile of dung. Congrats!!!

    ps I LOVE KIDS!!!

  13. bootsy lee farnsworth

    damn punky brewster has a pretty legit ass

  14. doogleberg

    A horse walks into a Barnes & Noble and orders a coffee…the barista asks, “Why the long face?”

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