1. Trixie

    Surprise to whom? He looks pretty startled by it.

  2. Colin

    Surprise concert or surprise buttsex?

  3. Sarah

    Oops, I crapped my pants.

  4. Dr. Zoogodda Hoogepeniz

    Don’t worry you’re only touching butts with a girl.

  5. Playing “Dude looks like a lady” when all of a sudden it him him…

  6. He just remembered that he can’t really sing.

  7. Joe

    Surprise buttsecks

  8. Liz

    He has the shocked, horrified look of someone who has just found out his fedora closet has burned down.

  9. AnnaDraconida

    He just spotted Chaz Bono.

  10. He hasn’t made that face since the first time he and Lance Bass were assigned to room together.

  11. KC

    Where will you be when your laxative starts working? One of these days you’re going to like that joke.

  12. Hollywood, Rough+Fame

    Uh oh no hype from timbaland.

  13. chikaty

    someone just showed him their own dick in a box

  14. fandy

    wha?? Brittney’s here??….RUNNN

  15. Clown Shoes

    “JT! Quit fucking around man! Ronson is headed back from her smoke break.”

  16. HITLER

    A homo………who gets more pussy than me.

    ps I LOVE KIDS!!!

  17. GuyLeDouche

    Black microphone! Mouth opening….can’t stop…gobble, gobble, gobble.

  18. doogleberg

    I really don’t think “concert” is an appropriate description WHEN YOU CAN’T PLAY A FUCKING INSTRUMENT!

  19. PussInToots

    Found this pic of my gramps, when he the only white guy playing in Harlem at the time. You was damn good gramps; damn good.

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