1. Can you auto-tune a stripper?

    • Richard McBeef

      I once did that “tune in tokyo” thing on a stripper, but I was asked to leave shortly after.

  2. McDouchey

    Where ELSE would He be?

  3. No one notices that he is surrounded by security and is OUTSIDE the club?

  4. Anni Christ

    Jake Gyllenhaal photobomb.

  5. kimmykimkim

    So that’s what the guy from Color Me Badd has been up to? Professional photobombing?

  6. JesusCan'tHitACurveball

    He’s so lonely… because he ran out of twenties.

  7. AnnaDraconida

    I will forever hate him for “discovering” Lady Caca.

  8. chikaty

    everytime i see him i just picture him singing “i just had sex and it felt sooooo good!”

  9. sc4play

    Yeah! Ya’ll gots any white women up in there? I sho loves me some white womens!

  10. SlipperyNipple

    That boy’s just been kicked out.

  11. When did Wesley Snipes get out of jail?

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