1. Perplexity

    The myth is portrayed: Every gamer’s dream that your online opponent would look like this and not Steve Guttenberg.

  2. Mr. Poop

    is it me or are her implants starting to droop?

  3. hollyhood

    hahah i bet she’s playing xbox360 and talking with someone 10 feet to her left, making eye contact with both. good on ya, mate!!

  4. Beaver Underground

    Yeah, I’d like to play with her too.

  5. She’s beautiful. The only good thing to come out of “The Hills”

  6. So no one’s going to make a “Dim Mak”/Touch of Death joke? Am I the only one who saw that episode of Quincy?

  7. Ass Wort

    Sleeping Dogs

    Dim Mak “Def Touch”

  8. BenDoverman

    “So this is what loser plebes do to escape their sad reality.”

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