1. Keep looking, Sean. I’m sure your dignity is in there somewhere
    (It’s not)

    • Animal

      Show some respect! That’s Spicoli, dammit!

      • Fuck this guy. He’s a shitbag who pretends to be a humanitarian. He visits and supports dictators like Hugo Chavez.
        So excuse me if I offend your nostalgic vision of a stoner character he once played but he is a piece of shit.

      • For the record

        Er, wasn’t Chavez elected a couple times?

      • the crazy betty

        yeah, by stealing the elections – you dumb ass. for crying out loud, get a clue.

      • Incorrect, betty. His elections have been certified as legitimate by the O.A.S. and the Carter Center. If Chavez really rigged every election, he wouldn’t have lost a 2007 public referendum on constitutional changes he wanted passed.

        Maybe you should do some research before parroting something you probably heard on Fox News.

      • There are lots of ways to coerce elections and Chavez uses the entire playbook. Its easy to win elections of you drive the opposition out of the country.

      • OK, I am not an expert but I am from Venezuela.
        The fact that he is a stakeholder in the company that makes the electronic voting machines is just one of many clues.
        He has manipulated the entire system to guarantee he wins.
        As for the OAS, they are the ones claiming that there is a humanitarian crisis in Venezuela because of all the government suppression of civil liberties. He arrests opposition members all the time.
        He arrests anyone who opposes him. He has people killed.

        He may not have invaded another country but it doesn’t detract from him being a monster and anyone who associates with him is a shitbag.

      • Anna

        look who’s talking. at least Hugo did not invade other country for no reason like George Bush who’s second win in election is also questionable…

  2. Perplexity

    Sean ponders with deep reflection: What would Hugo Chavez do?

  3. missyS

    He needs to get rid of that 70′s porn star ‘stache.

  4. bigalkie

    Slumdog Millionaire.

  5. Ralph Wiggins

    He needs to look in his left – hand pocket. He never carries anything in his right – hand pocket !

  6. Jman

    Cocaine Cowboy Redux

  7. Buying a drink from corporate Starbuck’s? What will Chavez say?

    • “As long as you fill up at Citgo, my friend, it is how you say, all good.”

      (No one tell Chavez that there are no Citgo stations in California.)

  8. Hurry Sean, you’ve only got 15 more minutes to get that sample to the drug testing clinic.

  9. Bionic_Crouton

    He is playing with the crabs Madonna gave him during their marriage.

  10. 805fatty

    All I can see is Jeff Spicoli

  11. the crazy betty

    looks like a wicked witch to me

  12. cc

    I am still waiting for his Syrian fact-finding mission.

  13. InkyBlack

    He’s either had follow-through or a new hip.

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