1. JC

    There’s nothing like the joy of a child…starting at a fantastic little butt.

  2. The Pope

    If Norman Rockwell were a pervert, this is what he would have painted.

  3. bigalkie

    Luckiest kid on earth

  4. it had to be said

    Aw, come on. Get the little dude a decent hat.

  5. fuckityfuck

    i’m surprised she in’t banned after her superbowl meltdown

  6. Crissy

    Sarah Jessica Parker looks great here!

  7. lily

    great legs

  8. Look…He couldn’t possibly be worse than Ochocinco, just let him go long, I’ll throw him a few balls, and you decide!

  9. CK

    Hand’s on the wrong ass, kid..

  10. Kid’s got the best view of the best seat in the house.

  11. barkerman

    “Dad, you need to change my name to Oedipus. Cuz, damn. Dat ass.”

  12. BenDoverman

    Did I come out of there? Better ask dad.

  13. Gwyneth's Platinum Dildo

    That man has a nice ass!

  14. Kid, you know what will get mommy and daddy’s attention? A drug problem.

  15. “We need to get some lunch for our son. Hey, Oedipus, want to go to Mickey D’s?”

  16. tlmck

    “Daddy! Daddy! Why are you wearing an extra pair of shorts around your knees?”

  17. Raaaaaaaa

    this is the opposite of mom jeans

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