1. Joe

    First striped cow I’ve ever seen.

  2. Sure, that kid in the background looks happy to see her from the back but wait till she turns around…

  3. Nice Ellen photobomb

  4. Ralph Wiggins

    “She got a great big ass ”
    Lt . Vincent Hanna

  5. Lindsay Gee

    Lindsay lurves Coco! Psssfft whatever she is so cute

    • Jack Ketch

      Whatever it is you’re smoking ? Or snorting ? We don’t want any of it. If that fucking antique iron lantern jawbone doesn’t frighten you, you’ve got to be on something. Cute?? *BARFS*

  6. it had to be said

    Two Days in New York plot summary: Day one, Coco’s tits and chin have entered the city. Day two, Coco’s ass is fully within the city limits.

  7. marbles

    Ugh, just lost my lunch.

  8. Crissy

    Coco, even your Chanel bag looks fake!

  9. The person behind her and the person in front of her are thinking the same thing. “Damn look at that ass”

  10. anonym

    mega jaws

  11. lily

    looks like a stuffed zebra with diabetes.

  12. Fuck yeah! This woman does it for me in a big way.

  13. Lord Invader

    Just as one might wonder, “Is a zebra black with white stripes or, is it white with black stripes?” one might also contemplate “Is this a woman with a giant pair of tits and a huge ass, or is this giant pair of tits and a huge ass with a woman attached?” Sit quietly and ponder, my friends. Namaste.

  14. the crazy betty

    hog jaws

  15. tlmck

    Not worth a response.

  16. mark

    Lots of haters. Coco is hot as hell.

  17. I think she’d be kinda fun in a ‘rasslin’ match!

  18. RS1

    LOVE HER!!!

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