1. Nope, Steve Guttenberg’s still on his meds… For sure… No strange behavior that I can see…

  2. YAAR

    Bullet For Adolf? Are you sure this isn’t the “Washed Up Actors”convention?

  3. Joe

    Are the Stone Cutters responsible for Danza, too?


  4. Perplexity

    No, seriously Steve. Why the fuck do you have that stupid lookin’ mustache?

  5. EricLr

    Someone asked them if they did anything after the 80′s.

  6. Me

    White dopes on punk

  7. Johnny P!

    Time has not been kind.

    • Time has not just been unkind, it has rearended them and taken off, given them a killer wedgie, set them up on a blind date with a lesbian and pressed every button on the elevator panel.

  8. Ralph Wiggins

    “and then he said ” I thought you two were gay “”, so I said “we are , or at lest , we are silly!!!”

  9. fuckityfuck

    ‘and i was all like ‘hehehe’ and he was all like ‘HAAAAAHHAAHA’
    -Tony Danza

  10. Emma Watson's Vagina

    wow it looked like a bad impressionation of Jerry Lewis and Jon Cryer team up.

  11. I thought Don Ameche died

  12. Crissy

    Wow, old age sure is motherfucker!

  13. If you think we’re laughing hard at ‘Bullet For Adolf,’ you should have seen us at Schindler’s List!

  14. What is this? A NAMBLA meeting?

  15. It was the first time Marlo smiled since they took away the Magic Movie Machine.

    (I will gladly buy a beer for anyone who remembers that show.)

  16. jasper

    “Asked asked him if he wanted to grab somethin’ to eat, you know, before the show. I was thinkin’ something quick like BK or Chick-Fil-A, but he says no, he’s in the mood for some Italian sausage. “

  17. cc

    The final installment of the ’3 Men and a …’ trilogy, ‘Two Men and a Grandchild’

  18. Swearin

    “We are…two wild and crazy guys!!!”

  19. Ass Wort

    Two of the greatest living actors… In Wally World.

  20. Joaquin ingles

    Personally I don’t think stage IV colorectal cancer is this funny.

  21. tlmck

    “Hey Steve, remember when we had careers?”

  22. Grizzilicious

    Steve Guttenberg looks like the illegitimate child of John Waters and Howie Mandel.

  23. ♫ ♪ Ev-erybody loves somebody sssometimes…Take it, Tony ♪ ♫

  24. anonymous

    Tony: “Steve, that object your are feeling up your ass. That’s my whole right hand!”

  25. I think Danza’s eyebrows and Guttenberg’s moustache were separated at birth.

  26. JustinT

    Its a laugh riot

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