1. EricLr

    In this exciting episode, Erin must spelunk in to rescue her friends from Tori Spelling’s gaping vagina.

  2. Mr. Poop

    shame she didnt fall

    • Mike

      Oh, so Beth Ostrosky’s antics weren’t douche chilling for you, but this is? Aren’t you a pleasant dinner guest?

  3. Wow! She needs to put a frame on that ass and walk around like that.

  4. Typically, the “Cirus” episode, is followed by the “Flashback “episode, that is followed cancellation. So here’s hoping…

  5. “Supernatural” is the only show worth watching on CW.

  6. cc

    It’s more interesting than it looks…I hear she’s dangling over a pit of hungry lions.

  7. Derp

    *Insert banal internet comment here*

  8. Ass Wort

    I’d let her sit on my face, but I would never make out with her. Who knows where that mouth has been!

  9. The new 90210 needs what the old 90210 needed, exposed breasts. Stop with the fake stunt action crap and put some attractive people in a spa with a bottle of wine. You know where it goes from there. Ratings gold. Obviously, I’m in the wrong line of unemployment.

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