1. hollyhood

    that ass looks proper tight, but some idiots are gonna start up about her cankles in 3…2…1…

  2. Jess L

    whoa, those cankles

  3. Bob

    Black really does slim down those cankles.

  4. Whoa. Since when did she have such a nice ass?

  5. Is there a Church of Butt? I’m currently an agnostic, but I feel like preying on th- I mean praying to that thing.

  6. Poor little soldier…she’s looking for the scrap of paper she wrote my phone number on. Better give her a call before she bursts into tears…

  7. cc

    ‘I’ll one up that Huntington-whatever bitch…’

  8. martina

    (((oh my)))
    I’d do that ass, right now

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