1. I know we all made jokes about him in the past but this is kind of sad.

  2. Cock Dr

    I dunno, looking at this seems like a bad idea.

  3. Seriously though, all jokes aside this is some sad shit.

  4. Now I feel bad for that Red Skull joke I made yesterday

  5. JimBB

    Medical science has advanced pretty far, but this challenge is well beyond even their best efforts.

    Joking aside, this pic makes me feel bad. Still love this guy in a ton of movies. I mean, 48 Hours.

  6. cajunhawk

    Counselor? Counselor? Could you be there?

  7. Heywood Jablomie

    Outdoor doctors?

  8. I feel empathy for him, he looks genuinely helpless here. Throwing some good juju your way, Brother Nick.;)

  9. Vlad

    See? I told you I could get the nurse to pet you, Scruffy. She says you’re not there, she says you died 10 years ago, she says people often see long lost pets and relatives before they die. What does she know, Scruffy? What does she know?

  10. I’m glad he’s getting some form of assistance.

  11. Once again: Nolte is suffering from multiple sclerosis. He’s seeking treatment now but it’s been complicated by his drinking. One side-effect of MS is depression and Nolte has been self-medicating (drinking booze) for that.

    I posted this assertion a couple of months ago and people here went apeshit and said it wasn’t true. How about now, you motherfuckers?

  12. “Mr. Nolte (‘Call me Nick’) you see that yellow eighteen-wheeler way down there? Well that’s the one you want to aim for.”

  13. This really is the shits for old Nick. He gave great performances in loads of films. The first one that I remember him in, and he was >i>sooo damn good in, was The Deep. He costarred with Jacqueline Bisset’s breasts, which should have gotten the Oscar for Best Supported Actresses.

  14. cc

    I’ll refrain from making any jokes. He’s put in some fine performances over the years (personally I thought Q&A was a fine performance that’s often overlooked) and by the looks of it he’s not going to be around too long.

  15. PassingTrue

    Sad, nothing more.

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