1. Dox

    He’s not really there for Cyrus. He’s there for you. Each time you look at the photo he will get closer. And closer. And closer.
    And then one day, you will feel his soft, supple hand on your neck. Whatever you do, don’t go in the bathroom, DONT turn out the lights, DONT look in the mirror. And don’t say his name three times.

    or was that Bloody Mary? I always forget.

  2. JimBB

    Poor thing is too hungover to even stick her tongue out. That’s what happens when you spend a night doing Tequila shots and posting shirtless pics of your dad to Instagram.

  3. maoix

    I had almost forgotten how ugly she is.

  4. That Asian kid is like the internet version of that girl from The Ring.

  5. I barely recognize Miley when she’s wearing clothes. Still would.

  6. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    Look! Justin Bieber’s Derp sister!

  7. RocketInMyPocket

    Sure, she’s an attention-whoring skank. But she does have a tight little body. I would.

  8. Flatliner

    That’s not the same Asian guy…that’s John Cusack in yellow face.

  9. martina

    No matter how hard she tries … she’s just not sexy

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