1. “Okay, sure. Cheese! Now, can someone raft me to one of those yachts out there?”

  2. “Are you sure my mom said this is ok? I mean I was told I was sold to prince Obdulla. I don’t see any princes here.”

  3. Short Round

    See that over there? That’s Ebola. But don’t worry. Just stay close to me and it’ll stay away.

  4. Cock Dr

    They were hired simply to carry the many purchases but then someone got bored & broke out the Viagra & the cocaine. That’s when things began to get out of hand.

  5. Lohan’s expression is priceless. She’s used to being the stealer, not the stealee.

  6. JimBB

    Someone better warn those Africans that Super-Herpes makes Ebola look like a mild cold.

  7. “C’mon, everybody. There’s a big fire in that house, and Timmy is still locked in the bathroom. *Woof*woof*”
    Thank you, Lassie.”

  8. Some of the comments on this picture makes me think that Captain America’s nemesis should be called Lord Geography or Mr. Racism.

  9. This is an orgy I’d watch.

  10. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    “Why aren’t we over on the ‘Whites Only’ beach? I can see it from here.”

  11. This “Some Like it Hot” reboot looks a little dodgy to me.

  12. This photo is entitled “Who I did on my summer vacation.”

  13. Pat C.

    I thought this was the pilot for a Gilligan’s Island remake – and why not?

  14. Opie Cunningham

    Is this a movie screen cap from a Blacks and Blondes video? Just asking.

  15. “If you guys are gonna make me join your human centipede, can I be up front?”

  16. “$5 EACH! EACH! EACH I SAID!!! Where’s my, um, manager?”

  17. She’s super stoked because she thinks she’s the chick in white having an out-of-body experience.

  18. Where did she find so many black men in Greece… Is she a magnet or something?

  19. cc

    The guy on the far left was a Bollywood heartthrob until he slept with Lindsay 12 hours ago.

  20. Serial Downvoter is on the prowl again. Hi!

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