1. Driving down to the supermarket to get something to eat. I hope.

  2. cajunhawk

    I don’t understand getting this skinny bitch to shill for Diet Coke. If anything she could use real Coke for much needed calories. You can’t believe much in advertising anymore…in the same commercial they showed her writing songs. Let’s not get crazy here fellas.

  3. Taylor seems to live her life like she’s cast herself in a biopic about her own special brand of crazy.

  4. Wayner

    After all this fucking shopping in NY this is all she can come up with. Looks like she’s wearing some kitchen curtains and a tea towel she found in a shack down in the ‘holler.

  5. Vlad

    Now we know where they took the pound of flesh from.

  6. She needs a dressing coach. And to get rid of those Granny purses. Give those to poor Rose.

    • Don’t get down on her too much. After all, she might be on her way to a masquerade party where the theme is “Wear the Ugliest Outfit You Can Find.” I know there must be one ‘cuz the Kardashian girls go to it all the time.

  7. Michael

    A good fuck is what this girl needs. Then she won’t make yuckaroo man-hating ditties.

  8. Why does everybody hate on Taylor Swift? Sure, she’s a bit “Grade-School Girl” kinda crazy, but she’s worked hard for her fame and fortune. In fact, as you can see from this picture, she’s literally worked her ass off.

  9. cc

    I’m just checking…if you lift up the back of a skirt like that to check out a woman’s ass, is that a crime?

  10. She should probably get that looked at, what is that…..Muscle??

  11. PassingTrue

    Nice tight hamstrings.

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