1. tokiromi

    is this what rich people do? hang out in their underpants on elephants in dark rooms? who keeps giving these people money?

  2. riding Kim around the living room actually looks fun.

  3. Cause that’s what all normal people do. What? You don’t have a life-size pachyderm in your living room?

  4. Short Round

    Coming to a town south of the border near you: The Kendall Jenner sex show. Now with live elephants! (Just don’t forget to cut Kris a royalty check, kids.)

  5. That isn’t really Khloe. It’s a plaster of Paris (no, not Hilton) figurine of Khloe. The real Khloe is out plowing the North 40.

  6. The elephant is a metaphor the size of dick she’s gonna be taking in debut sex tape.

  7. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    ‘riding Khloe around the living room’ – weak ass cover story, pb.

    The truth is this is the “sex training” room.
    The tusks detach to serve as dildos.

    If you’ve watched Kim’s sex tape … you already know what the trunk is used for.

  8. KK

    So is this what’s going to be in Kendall’s ‘leaked’ sex tape?

  9. wow. khloe is looking more and more like kim’s ass every day.

  10. I just imagine a “gay” friend every day saying “hey, you know what would be fun…”

  11. The only thing that has anything resembling a soul in this photo is the fake elephant.

  12. cc

    The friend looks like she might be interesting to look at it but if she’s hanging around with this vacuous fucking twat my guess is that’s where it stops.

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