1. Sure my country’s at war, but look at my tits.

    • She dodged the draft by marrying her goddamned cousin and now poses as a rabid Zionist (when it doesn’t interfere with a modelling gig). Fuck her.

      • Veronika, my darling, it’s about time you let that go. You bring it up every time Bar’s picture is in here, and it’s going to turn you into a cranky old woman. And really, I don’t think anyone else in here gives a fuck. Maybe a nice massage would help. Go behind the screen and get naked…

      • Jesus lady, no one gives a shit. She’s hot as hell and we want to fuck her. No one cares what draft she dodged or how many nuns she raped or how many orphans she killed to drink their blood. That’s how this works.

  2. I’d kill some Palestinian civilians to get on that.

  3. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    Perfect body, blond hair, blue eyes … Hitler was a retard.

  4. Just Splooge It.™

  5. KK

    Meh, too jewish.

  6. cc

    She’s permanently shut the fuck upped anyone who ever said she wouldn’t look that great without make up. In fact, she’s hotter.

  7. PassingTrue

    I’d like to knock down a few at this Bar.

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