1. DogBoy

    Those are defying the laws of physics by not falling out.

  2. TomFrank

    Did someone airbrush her nipples out like they used to do in old nudist magazines? (dudeatdude, you’re kinda old, you must know what I’m talking about.)

  3. Sheppy

    I think she needs a bigger bikini.

  4. the_epidemic

    Just bought stock in double-stick tape.

  5. why even bother with the top at this point? It’s not like she KNOWS that Snappy McPerve the Paparazzi is scoping her with a 700X lens.

  6. Cock Dr

    She’s reading a text message that sez “Thx got shots will sell to celeb website suckers & split payoff Make U a star luv Carlos”.
    Then she went in and put on her mu-mu dress.

  7. Frunken

    Eventually women will just wear pasties custom fitted to their nipple size.

  8. Tamara uses her calculator to mathematically determine just how much longer she can remain in this position until her breasts fall completely out of her top.

  9. duh!

    She must have some type of special nipple ring attachments for bikini tops – how else is that top staying on?

  10. Fandy

    OK, got wine money for tonight….lemme call my pimp and tell him I am on my way

  11. Blech

    She has got the “I’m taking a dump while texting” look on her face.

  12. cc

    Would this be a suitable screen saver for the work environment?

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