1. Dinkle

    I didn’t know Spectrum was still around.

  2. Seconds later he was swallowed whole by the worlds largest cheetah.

  3. Seconds later he was swallowed whole by the world’s largest cheetah.

  4. Cock Dr

    Shave him, and then we’ll talk.

  5. Hugh Jass

    Brought to you by Lifetouch.

  6. Blech

    This must be my lucky day– now THIS man is hot, not that other skinny douche.

  7. Yah, looks like the type to be huntin’ for someone to give head to.

  8. SimoneDeB

    Ah, the old nose-hair-’stache. Nice.

  9. who the fuck at the what

  10. Jill

    This site makes me even happier when Lannisters are included. In all seriouslness though, this guy is quickly taking over the role of scandanavian sex god from Skarsgaard. And fast.

  11. cc

    Women, do not fall for this sensitive look.

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