1. ChickenHawk

    I had sex with Madonna? Holy shit!

  2. Chris

    That picture is funnier to me when I imagine that hand belongs to someone else.

  3. “I KNOW… it was like waking up next to the Crypt Keeper EVERY morning!”

  4. Looks about right.

  5. Hugh Jass

    Yes, you really could have had some of Madonna’s money.

  6. farting old man's wife

    Oh, how you do go on kind suh!!! You just make me blush so!!!! giggle giggle

  7. Looks like he’s having a Madonkey flashback.

  8. GuyLeDouche

    Now all his movies make sense…

  9. SIN

    OMG!! Did you see her pumps? FABULOUS!!

  10. cc

    Make another movie like ‘Snatch’ or sod off Guy.

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