1. Marc

    Does she have to buy an extra seat for her extra seat?

  2. If she was going to sue The Gap she should have done it for selling her cargo pants in 2011.

  3. DogBoy

    Tits fly Frst Class, Ass flies Coach.

  4. Anyone else finding the cargo pants ironic?

  5. dontlooknow

    Yeah, that’s what I’m gonna do…get the world’s biggest ass and then put flaps on it….

    • Cock Dr

      I tell you it is DELIBERATE.
      Super tight pants, dresses with peplum flounces at the hips, monster ass is the look she is activity promoting.
      Fucking crazy.

  6. Jack

    “That’s right, boys, if these U.S. Army regulation fatigues can handle depleted uranium, they sure as hell should be able to handle Kim’s ass!”

  7. barbosa

    I thought that was miley cyrus until I saw her giant ass

  8. RHawk

    Her head is at LAX. Her ass is at John Wayne in the OC.

  9. cc

    Haha, she believed me when I told her breathright strips help you inhale and give head at the same time.

  10. SIN

    Woman in vehicle: We have taken out all the extra seats and we still don’t have enough romm for that Fame Whores ass.

  11. The Brown Streak

    On Southwest Airlines, asses fly free.

  12. GuyLeDouche

    In the event of a water landing, pull any of the visible tabs and she turns into a flotation device.

  13. juaquin ingles

    She’s got the protypical drug mule ass. So why does Lilo look so pissed off that she’s coming along for the ride?

  14. Ismoss

    Is that why they are called Cargo Pants?

  15. Ismoss

    So thats why they are called Cargo Pants.

  16. TGNY


  17. Shit, I though this was a picture of two hippo’s under a blanket.

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