1. ChickenHawk

    “I see dead careers…”

  2. nobody

    Guy in background:

    “Y U NO WORK SINCE YEAR 2000????”

  3. TomFrank


  4. I see unemployed people.

  5. Chris

    His face has gotten smaller while his head has gotten bigger.

  6. “I see bald people…”

  7. adolf hitler

    i a few years we are gonna hear about him beating his wife

  8. chupacabra

    I thought he died of a drug overdose! Which child actor is he again???

  9. Hugh Jass

    He looks the same but homeless

  10. farting old man's wife

    Hey douchebag, your table is ready!!

  11. The Brown Streak

    Emily, please tell this person who I am!

  12. cutthecrap

    file this under child stars who did not age well

  13. Colin

    Good lord that is one unflattering babyface. I thought he was like 16, but this fucker’s four days older than I am.

  14. Jill_Ess

    I haven’t seen any stars yet at this Shooting Stars dinner.

  15. cc

    Haley, the dead guy behind is REALLY anxious to tell you something.

  16. Just Fucking Say It

    Sure this wasn’t taken at “Fleeting Stars”?

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