1. A.T.

    More of her plz :D

  2. How much for a “50/50″ for me, and a “round the world” for my friend here?

  3. That’s the sexiest alley I’ve ever seen. Bet it still smells like pee though.

  4. dontlooknow

    Like I said the other day, she’ll show up for the opening of a post office…

  5. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Just what I told the counsellor, women do walk in to walls.

  6. Paula Labaredos is correct. She is hot.

  7. Ono

    She looks like she’d give you a $2 lapdance for $1.75.

  8. Fandy

    Do you accept Visa Card?? Ok call your pimp and see

  9. farting old man's wife

    Ever heard of trying to hard??? Pull back girl!!!

  10. tlmck

    Wonder what happens when you pull the strings?

  11. SimoneDeB

    I guess the good corners were all taken

  12. My Left Nut

    Now that’s what I call a little black dress. And she is wearing the hell out of it.

  13. How cute – she’s wearing Jennifer Love Hewitt’s leg warmer!

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