1. TomFrank

    Looking forward to the hot tub scene in 3…2…1…

  2. Married to Natasha Henstridge…+10 pts., Photographed at Coldplay concert…-1000.

  3. Definition of asshole: A guy that wears a suit to a Coldplay concert.

  4. SimoneDeB

    Those shoes went out of style around the same year she did

  5. Definition of asshole: A guy who gets to fuck her instead of me.

  6. Cock Dr

    That’s what people wear to a pop music show these days?
    Things have changed.

    • Arzach

      Well at least is not like Lindsay Lohan that thought that she was at a rock concert by attending to a Coldplay one

  7. chupacabra

    Those pointy toes are for blacks or for people so skinny even their oxygen is bitchy.

  8. cc

    That’s what people are wearing to Coldplay concerts? I hate them even more now.

  9. Jill_Ess

    She still looks awesome! Hasn’t changed a bit.

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