1. Hank

    Her life will not end well.

  2. alex

    For gods sake, stop wearing clothes that reveal your mid-section.

  3. edamame

    Baby bump or binge drinker bulge?

  4. By emphasizing my torn up jeans, maybe no one will notice all of the rest of her that is torn up!

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    The US State Dept. issued a press release that read,

    “Finders Keepers.”

  6. EricLr

    Oh man, I’ve had such a rough night…and also decade.

  7. “whaaa? I’m in London? But when I passed out, it was 2002″

  8. DAMN! She almost looks pretty much close to being damn near sober.

  9. kingofbeer

    mid section challenge: Tara vs Tan Mom

    *Runs away with eyes closed tight*

  10. Mama Pinkus

    I am unsure why this gal still rates mentions on a celebrity gossip site

  11. sprub

    She must be there to compete in the “most fucked up body” in the paralympics.

  12. girlface

    She looks like the lost member of the Honey Boo Boo Child family.

  13. Seems they finally had enough of her in St. Tropez.

  14. What on earth possessed her to think that pushing her hair out of her face would be a good idea?

  15. The always punctual Tara Reid arrives in London to watch the Olympics…

  16. The irony is that belly shirts only look good when you don’t have one.

  17. Emma Watson's Vagina

    soon to be dating a Marel comics penciler.

  18. Dina Lohan and Kate Gosselin are Brundlefly.

  19. BiJenni

    “This isn’t London, Texas? Oh, that’s just great. Now where the fuck am I going get my spare ribs?”

  20. Jakehotep

    Tara Ried In Coherant.

  21. Jesus, I thought this was Jenna Jameson.

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