1. alex

    Always love to see Vivid girl Celeste!

  2. Wide Open

    I’d be smiling too if I had those tits. But I doubt she’d let me play with them.

  3. Cock Dr

    Her dress and boobs are both spectacular, but the fitting is awful.

  4. You know you have an awesome rack when you hire a guy just to push people out of the way yelling “Make room!”

  5. My underwear is now fllled with “Celebrity Juice.”

  6. I’m pretty sure “tapping celebrity juice” is how she got famous in the first place.

    What? taping? whatever…she sucks dicks.

  7. arealcad

    That’s 5 pounds of cottage cheese stuffed into a one pound container.

  8. RisingDragonFist

    God failed us all when he did not fashion all women in her image.
    *Shakes fist at the heavens
    Curse you and your dirty hippie son!

  9. Nice rack, Zoltar!

  10. lily

    shes so pretty, but that dress is ugly and too tight

  11. Spanktacular.

  12. ddd

    Why is it that all girls with big natural boobs have to have a mummy tummy?

    • tod

      do you really NOT know the answer? Not that I think she is heavy but girls with huge natural boobs arent stick thin. Brook is just about perfect! mummy tummy wouldn’t bother me at all

      • 32c

        I have great hips and legs, a round ass, a flat stomach, and smallish breasts, and I was just wondering if anyone else found the mutual exclusivity of a flat stomach and large breasts to be a near-universal rule. I obviously know that super-thin girls don’t have large but not extremely large breasts (except my girl Cyndi, who also has an ass).

      • I have big boobs and have always had a bit of a tummy. That’s the extent of my research and knowledge. :)

      • Len2012

        Big boobs are eye catching: but the FACT is MOST guys prefer girls who are more spoon shaped (like dancers, figure skaters, gymnasts, etc). I’d take 5’3″ 32b-24-36 anyday over big boobs! Plus, I think smaller chested girls tend to have prettier faces; girls w/big boobs tend to have skinny legs & small hips, kind of masculine looking & not exactly the type that gets – and keeps! – most men’s attention. It’s the hip to waist ratio, & it’s been proven!

      • It’s not my fault if you’re too busy staring at my rack to notice my pretty face. :)

  13. I have some juice for her.

  14. cc

    Awesome from head to foot!

  15. Hugh Jazz

    “Sorry, I thought this show was called Celebrity Jews. I’ll be leaving now, thanks.”

  16. Sofia

    So beauiful & I’m so jelly of her cuz I wish I had boobs like her :-P

  17. Blech

    Nooo. STOP. She doesn’t need to go the opalescent cotton candy-trashy route. That’s for women with dog-faces.

    Put her in a dress that fits, for fuck’s sake. She’s a lady.

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