1. USDA Prime McBeef

    The men have little pockets in their shorts to keep extra tennis balls in, which is probably more comfortable than just sticking a couple in your big ass panties.

  2. Joe

    She told her personal trainer she wants each limb to be the same circumference as her waist. 2 down, 2 to go.

  3. If you cut that anteater tail off her head, what is left looks surprisingly like Florida Evans from the show Good Times playing tennis.

  4. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    For some reason seeing her playing the other women reminds me of the time I won the colouring competition at the local fair. And I’m pretty confident of doing it again this year.

  5. EricLr


  6. JR

    She looks like she could play linebacker for the NY Jets.

  7. Bitch is beassst

  8. lily

    i admire the fact that she could most likely beat the shit our of all the male commentators on here

  9. Stupid

    No wonder she can beat every woman in tennis……she’s a man.

  10. That’s a HUGE bitch.

  11. puddleduck

    Where was this thing when I painted my house? A 5 day job could have been completed in a couple of hours.

  12. anansigirls

    I wonder what the coroner will find between the legs of that one once it’s dead?

  13. Len2012

    I think she’s bad for ladie’s tennis. I can’t even bear to watch her matches anymore, like watching LeBron dunking on some 5’9″ guard, or Klitscho beating up on some flyweight. Big whoop; it was a mismatch from the start.
    This Freak of Nature has the perfect size, build & attitude to be a fullback in the NFL, and that’s where she should be! Even most men tennis players are afraid of her!

  14. Himmie17

    You all are crazy!! Serena is an awesome athlete who works hard at what she does and I’d LOVE to see her kick ALL of your asses,on the court and off!! I’d even pay to watch her do it…show some damn respect…

    • Schmidtler

      seriously folks – show some respect – you have no idea how hard it is to put clothes on a gorilla, let alone teach it how to play tennis!

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