1. Contusion

    This is what the “before” version of a Mark Ryden painting looks like.

  2. it had to be said

    Wow, chest exposure and fivehead exposure and about equal. Nice nips though.

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    We’ve got assholes running around killing abortion doctors, meanwhile the real terrorists, the breast reduction surgeons, are ruining GOD’s greatest creations.

  4. seriouslynow

    Reduction mammoplasty should be illegal.

  5. The reduction was very successful…her career has been reduced to nothing.

  6. I always knew she was short but shoulder to handlebars? dang…

  7. nutterbutter

    Ricci should be revered as a tiny god, having paved the way for dinkleges everywhere

  8. coyote

    She is still on my Top 10

  9. She’s fucking sexy. Always was. Too bad about the breast reduction. Those tits were glorious.

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