1. are we just calling shitty camera phone pics Terry Richardson art pieces now? Is that the joke?

  2. Pickle Nose

    I am overwhelmed by the douchiness of these two.

  3. Saw this coming.

  4. EricLR

    If you aren’t a magician, and you dress like this, you’re gay.

  5. From his new series, Top & Bottom

  6. mavis davis

    We know who’s on top in this relationship and it’s not the chick with the long hair.

  7. Hate Leto. Love Lambert.

  8. Please, Don’t give us photos of their gold flaky asses.

  9. BeastMaster

    The irony is that the real douchebag is behind the camera

  10. Aww, gay love.

  11. Leto could almost certainly pass for the hyothetical lovechild of Courtney Cox and Russell Brand

  12. Rosa Tralee

    Ghostbusters IV: Gozer vs. Jesus

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