1. He looks like he is slowly morphing into James Cameron. Uh, physically, I mean.

  2. EricLR

    Funny, I always pictured him surrounded by explosions.

  3. “What can I force Megan Fox to do this time? I got plans for that bitch”

  4. Bob

    “You know what? I really feel like doing a rom-com. SOMEBODY FIND ME A CHURCH I CAN BLOW UP!!”

  5. He looks deep in thought, but really all of his thought bubbles were long ago replaced with mushroom clouds.

  6. Daemon8666

    “Hmmm…can I fit the Mountain Dew AND Coke machines in this one shot?”

  7. “If I filmed a soaking wet woman exploding in slow-motion while washing a car in daisy dukes, would time and space implode and the universe reset itself to the start? BAY, YOU MADMAN, YOU’VE DONE IT!!!”

  8. “Are those rainclouds? Shit. How am I gonna get a girl to wash my car in a bikini tonight if it’s raining?”

  9. jennablon

    The Fonz is looking pretty good these days. I guess Richie needed some more makeup though?

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