1. God, this just pisses me off. That’s all.

  2. i didint know hobbits had cars.

  3. Cock Dr

    Don’t know who he is but he sure looks like a happy ginger bear.

  4. The guy has a certified quintuple platinum record so I guess he’s gonna bang anyone he wants.

    Cant erase being a douche though. Cant be done.

  5. Arzach

    The Friendzone master

  6. Get it while the getting’s good.

  7. It almost looks like Bar Raefeli.

  8. Looks like the roofie is just about ready to kick in.

  9. Just remember, this girl has to keep thinking happy thoughts to stop from puking when she is going down on him.

  10. So, “Ed Sheeran” refers to what results when Rupert Grint is stuffed like a goose for foie gras and then shot from a cannon?

  11. Man, is he going to get a mouthful from Taylor when she sees this pic. *SKREEEE!!!*

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