1. You people need to stop raping Kanye and Kim. I mean taking pictures of them. They’re the same thing right?

  2. I don’t blame him for looking glum. All the paps remind him if his father.

  3. If the restaurant is called The Little Door, how did he fit his ego, and how did she fit her ass?

  4. The body language (or lack thereof) between these two has just always been odd. They rarely walk side by side.

  5. it had to be said

    The face of a gay man who just realized he married a woman not with “dat ass” but with THAT ass. Poor, poor Kany . . . nah. He’s a tool too.

  6. HarrisonFordsCatheter

    You have to pity the photographer who has to decide the exposure setting on THAT one.

  7. He needs a shirt with a big “Oversized Load” sign on the back.

  8. yourmom

    “You signed the fucking contract. 2 public appearances a month. You signed it. We’re going to dinner, and that’s final.”

  9. The Fat Lady and her Gayfish.

  10. Sympathy for Kanye is not an emotion I was prepared for.

  11. “Boo, why do they always ask you if you like fish sticks?”

  12. Hmm

    If he stripped down naked he would be invisible to the paps.

  13. “Lord, what the hell did I ever do to deser– Oh thats right, I’m Kanye West.”

  14. Dick Thunder

    Smile Kanye, we can’t see you bro.

  15. When you see it, you’ll sh-oh, hi Kanye!

  16. Bitch is finally realizing his place.

  17. Joe Quavis

    Are those floating eyes still following me??

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