1. I just want to run in their and shove her into the water.

  2. Her name can anagram to all chime eel.

    Now you know.

  3. Jess L

    yuck, her nose is so distracting. She looks like Broomhilda the witch

  4. Don Draper's Dad

    The Schnozzberries taste like Schonzzberries.

  5. HarrisonFordsCatheter

    This is the last time I let my kid make me a dress in his kindergarten arts and crafts hour.

  6. Sandra Bernhard is looking pretty good for her age.

  7. Andy Samberg in drag.

  8. Hmm

    Bitch you are no Penelope Cruz. Get back in your hole.

  9. That chick from “Castle” is hot!!!

  10. What did she do to her face? It didn’t help.

  11. Are we sure that’s her? I see no similarity.

  12. Jackmac2

    Andy Sandberg in drag.

  13. Canudigit

    That isn’t Lea Michele…..the nose is too small.

  14. All I wanna know is; why is Joe Perry wearing that dress and is Aerosmith going back on tour?

  15. In all honesty that’s the best I’ve ever seen her look.

  16. Ojayson

    There’s no way that’s Lea Michele. Doesn’t look anything like her!

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