1. That’s what she gets for wearing that hat with that dress.

  2. HarrisonFordsCatheter

    Is the mystery “Why is anyone is still hiring Debra Messing?”

  3. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    I told you what would happen if you cast any redhead younger looking than me for the show.

    Now dump her in the ocean and let’s get the first scene shot. We’re professionals people – shake it off!

  4. You just got fork stabbed!

  5. well, I won’t be watching that.

  6. Short Round

    Noooo! This cannot be my career. Why?! Why?!

  7. fred

    “All I said was, ‘I look forward to working with you for a really, really, really long time on this show!’”

  8. Derek

    I bet this show will be a Smash

  9. Not pictured : Acting.

  10. Dead, but the hat is still perfectly on her head?

  11. #$&%@!

    dammit, way to drop a spoiler for the show.

  12. “MY CAREER! WHY?!”

  13. I just saw the chick on the floor blink…

  14. Swearin

    The girl with the Fosse hat represents Smash 3 episodes into season 1, right?

  15. That is so fake. Anyone else would be squeezing the dead chick’s tits.

  16. Discount Dracula

    “What’s my motivation?”

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