1. it had to be said

    The moment when the devil comes to collect on Dean Cain’s contract. He should ask for a jury from hell, like Homer did.

  2. HarrisonFordsCatheter

    Guess we know who’s going to be the co-star in Kylie’s sex tape.

  3. Rehearsal for an evening on the town.


  5. Thank god she’s wearing pants!

  6. “Fly Superman!! Fly!!! Here, I shall get you off the ground with this earth-shaking fart.”
    “Mrs. Jenner, I’m just here for the audition. You said something about Golden Showers 2, escape from Mt. Doom?”

  7. Short Round

    From between those legs spawned an evil empire of soulless succubi… There is no punchline just the horrifying fact.

  8. run Chinese Superman…run

  9. cc

    ‘Oh, hi Jon, how are things going with you and Kate?’

  10. Hmm

    “Yeah I’m broke, fuck it, I’ll marry Khloe. Where do I sign?”

  11. Even though she was wearing thick pants, Dean knew better than to look!

  12. She handed him 20 bucks and sent him on his way.

  13. “You will make love to me. You will not vomit, cry or try to run. If you do this, there will a hot meal waiting for you by the back door if Khloe or Rob haven’t found it. Do you agree to these terms?”
    “You had me at hot meal.”

  14. “Well, Ms. Jenner, I was just wondering if it would be OK if I were to use your vagina as the model for my Fortress of Solitude…”

  15. When you’re near a Jenner or Kardashian, you always end up with a 7 Year Itch.

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