1. That’s the good old VW Type 2 Squareback.

  2. HarrisonFordsCatheter

    Those Kardashian bitches stole her ass!!!

  3. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    PSA? Titled “Don’t Fvck the Hired Hands”?

  4. Sponge Heidi square ass.

  5. That is the ass of a woman who has an ass I don’t have any interest in seeing.

  6. cc

    Geez, the guy in the grey t-shirt needs to chill the fuck out.

  7. Too bad about that tiny ass, those legs are thigh though…

  8. “Breast Cancer? Why, yes, I am aware of Breast Cancer. I’m also aware of Louisville Sluggers, which I’ll be using on your skull if you don’t go away and leave me the fuck alone.”

  9. “Excuse me Heidi…Does my crotch brush smell funny to you?”

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