1. HarrisonFordsCatheter

    Losing the “I bet even you can’t make flip-flops sexy” challenge.

  2. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    George is using the acting technique of visualizing his upcoming scene …

    … when Amal rips him a new one because they look like the Kardashians compared to Brad and Angelina.

    Yes, George; you are going to discover just as Catherine the Great did that some rides are fatal.

  3. cc

    So I had that Italian chicks’ ass in one hand and Keibler’s ass in the other and was thinking to myself ‘who do I keep fucking’ and, jesus, I wonder if I look as smug as I feel right now.

  4. Short Round

    Some work a lifetime to be so above it all they can afford not to give a shit. Others are born that way.

  5. Eejut

    The things some people have to do for 10 million dollars….

  6. Clearly George Clooney’s memories are better than anything any of us will ever experience for the rest of our miserable lives.

  7. Hmm

    The look of a man whose life is pretty fucking great.

  8. Slappy Magoo

    Let the International Smell George Clooney’s Fingers Day COMMENCE!

  9. BlackManUSAonTwitter

    “Watch. Even in these flip flops…Come here bitches.”

  10. anonymous

    When the “Most Interesting Man in the World” needs advice…he calls George Clooney.

  11. …i gotta see this fuckin’ thing …a 2 day commercial shoot??? who’s filming it, fellini?

  12. “And then the wardrobe guy says to me, ‘You can’t just go out there and wear orange flip-flops with that suit! You’re George Clooney!’ And then I said to him, ‘Buddy… just listen to what you said – I’m George fucking Clooney.’ and THAT is why I wore those orange flip-flops for that Moore’s Suite commercial.”

  13. Axeident

    Wow, you guys are totally delusional. This is George “I don’t care if they say I’m light in the loafers” Clooney.
    Lake Cumo – or is that cum-oh — has a different story to tell.

  14. “George, you need to stop with the hallucinogens. First off, you’re not married yet. And second of all, when you walk your bride across the threshold, you’re actually supposed to be carrying her.”

  15. Ooh charades! I love this game!… Uh Christina Hendricks… Jessica Simpson… Kat Dennings…

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