1. cc

    Everything looks ship shape.

  2. You can almost see the monster’s balls.

  3. Stolen from

  4. Short Round

    Do not look!
    Do not look!
    Do not look!

  5. I can just hear it whispering to me: Have you ever danced with the devil by a pale moonlight?

  6. eddieM

    mmm old lady dude pussy

  7. cajunhawk

    Can you make me feel good?

  8. It’s a trap! Don’t go in!

  9. “Be careful when getting out of the boat, it tends to snatch your legs out from under you.”

  10. Stinky

    Thank you. I can die now.

  11. Hmm

    Having a hard time reconciling with the whole not sticking your dick in crazy advice right now.

  12. Damn! So close! I’ll get you next time, Berry!

  13. RichPort

    No, we will not remake Fatal Attraction on a boat, Ms. Berry…

  14. You know, everybody complains about her being crazy, difficult to work with, etc., but honestly – what the hell do I care? I’m never going to meet her, let alone date her!

    So, please keep posting hot(ish) pics of this insanely sexy woman and Halle, please try to stay relevant by forgetting things exist such as underwear and the paparazzi!

  15. It’s all sexy until you realize she’s farting.

  16. I guess we can be fairly certain that she shaves. Or, at the very least, trims.

  17. “Why is it that when the boat is overloaded, you guys always make the Black one get out and swim?”

  18. Would love to talk to the “little man” in that boat.

  19. Claude Balls

    Stephan Hawking fears the Higgs Bosun particle may be the end of mankind. However… the women will be fine.

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