1. cc

    Someone bring this guy up to date on the playoffs.

  2. HarrisonFordsCatheter

    This is the pic they’ll show after the tragic end, in the section where the narrator says “Things were just never the same for Will after he left Saturday Night Live….”

  3. Looks like his “forte” is growing hair.

  4. Nick Nolte here I come!

  5. Hmm

    “Hopefully no one notices I am not Zach Galifianakis and I can get a job in The Hangover 4. “

  6. I’ll have to admit that’s a better beard than Shayna Taylor.

  7. Ibsy

    Honestly thought this was Christian Bale.

  8. The MacGruber movie is totally unappreciated. It’s fucking amazing.

  9. Looks like they’ve finally green lighted “The Falconer”

  10. Why the hell would anyone emulate Joaquin Phoenix?

  11. Donkeylicks

    How can we be sure that this isn’t just Christian Bale preparing for a new movie? HOW CAN WE BE SURE!?!

  12. Oh, how fucking cute…a cockapoo in a gray suit!

  13. Why is he going all Duck Dynasty?

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