1. Cock Dr

    He buys two so at least they can interact with one another during the many slow moments of a Corey Feldman evening on the town; it takes some of the conversational pressures off of him.

  2. That Goonies money isn’t going to spend itself.

  3. He brought Darlene Conner along as one of his dates?

  4. ElPollodiablo

    We represent the broken-whore Guild,
    The broken-whore Guild,
    The broken-whore Guild
    And in the name of the broken-whore Guild,
    We wish to welcome you to STD-land.

  5. I didn’t know it was Bring Your Daughter To Work Day.

  6. cc

    Well, nown that his line of credit’s maxed out, he’s been reduced to collecting cans on recycling day.

  7. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    Schmuck KNOWS a picture with an underage hooker goes nowhere sandwiched between Ariana’s Hooker Outfit and Brange’s wedding news.

  8. HarrisonFordsCatheter

    You have to respect him for always going in on that bulk year-long 2-for-1 package. The boy knows how to economize.

  9. I think the leopard prostitute might have just had some leftovers of her abortion fall on the ground.

  10. Sure but when I look at Chloe Moretz pictures I practically see Chris Hansen through the window….

  11. Short Round

    Going to the golf course you have to class it up. Hence the leopard pattern hooker dress.

  12. He seems to always have that same taller hooker with him. She’s either very loyal, or he just uses the same small “talent” agency every time.

  13. this has to be the low point of a person’s career. You work your entire life to build the respect of your peers, rise to the top of your field…and then you get photographed out with Corey Feldman.

  14. Those are WOMEN’S sunglasses George
    (To paraphrase Seinfeld)

  15. Jonah hill

    Hmm , I wanna hate but dude is getting way more pussy than me, Hookers or not. I pray that someday I can be as big a loser as him

  16. Hmm

    Where the fuck is he getting money to hire these chicks all the time? Does he have some huge secret stash of Michael Jackson hush money he has never told anyone about?

  17. Is the one in the leopard print his girlfriend? She’s always with him. Or is she his bottom bitch.

  18. BlackManUSAonTwitter

    “I’m 6 coke lines away from being Charlie Sheen!!”

    • Miss_Moppet

      Six? I did a double take when I saw the picture. I’m still not 100% that it ISN’T Charlie Sheen.

  19. Hookers? These two classy ladies? Getouttatown.

  20. too. cool. 4. school.

  21. What the hell? Corey raided my 89 year old Grandfather’s closet!

  22. Two Face is going to want his golf sweater back.

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