1. Is that Jim Carey dressed up as the Riddler in the back ground?

  2. Riddle me this, Batman: What has herpes and two eyes that point at different things, yet somehow manages to make $350,000 to push “play” on some asshole’s iPod?

  3. Performing what, exactly? BJ techniques?

  4. “Starring Billy Elliot as the Riddler, and DJ Valtrex as herself!”

  5. “The Riddler, Thing, and Paris Hilton..”

    “Batmans enemy, Adams Family, and aww fuck it, STDs.”

  6. HarrisonFordsCatheter

    When did Arkham Asylum start letting in any old whore?

  7. Don Draper's Dad

    The Amnesia Club! Amnesia is what you’ll want after walking in!

  8. Michael

    Who’s the dork dressed up like Riddler and dancing on top of a promo for that dogshit Cameron Diaz movie from this summer?

  9. Hmm

    So, how many ping pong balls did she shoot out of her vagina?

  10. acad

    who invited Frank Gorshin to the club?

  11. “Riddle me this, Batman! Many consider them a delicacy, but when is it not enjoyable eating crabs?”

  12. Jagul

    “Riddle me this, riddle me that, who’s afraid of the big black twat?”

  13. If the Riddler kills everyone there, he’s doing us all a public service.

  14. They call it the Amnesia Club in hopes that everyone will forget seeing Paris Hilton there.

  15. buzz

    Paris is not falling off the stage with those Shaq– sized boats she calls feet.

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