1. SSHGuru

    Something in this picture does not match. What is it?

  2. Leave it to Tyra to look like the only weirdo idiot out of a room full of circus carnies.

  3. Tyra Banks and 23 clowns go walking into this bar…

  4. And suddenly, the room is full of mostly “normal” people.

  5. 23 clowns, 1 of the ‘Ass” variety.

  6. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    What? It’s just a lot of coloured people.

  7. I’d give 20 bucks to see Tyra and the black carnie with the juggalo hair in a cage match.

  8. JennyQ

    Wow, they all look so excited to be next to “Americas Next Top Nobody”. And why is she throwing up Gaga’s Monsters gang signs?

  9. JC

    Tyra was immediately crowned leader of the gay breakaway sect of the Juggalos.

  10. edamame

    The scariest kids birthday party entertainment of ALL time.

  11. Someone came in Blackface? call the NAACP stat!

  12. sc4play

    Tyra Banks trying out for the new Homey D. Clown Show. She will play Homey’s crazy-ass sister. Damn! Girlfriend forgot her makeup! Somebody gonna be totin’ an ass-whoopin’ fo’ sho’!

  13. Finally, a pic of the inside of Perez Hilton’s asshole.

  14. Whyask

    In a room filled with painted faces, Tyra Banks still shines as biggest attention whore.

  15. Germander Speedwell

    Poor thing, she’s got confused and thinks shes in ‘Cats’.

  16. She finally found her peeps!

  17. Damnit…the 2nd half of the memo must’ve been cut off. “Surround her with clowns and then beat her to death with their overly large shoes.”

  18. Chris

    Why would I want to see a show about Texarkana?

  19. jmort

    I guess that’s her new “smeyes”ing

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