1. SSHGuru

    Is his shirt imitating her or is she imitating the shirt?

  2. Is that a bong by the stereo?

  3. Too bad Keeanu’s gay.

  4. catapostrophe

    Don’t look now, Bar; but there’s a dirty little homeless guy in your hotel room–and he’s STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO YOUR LONG SKINNY HEAD!!

  5. Venom

    Poor thing, desperate to stay relevant and get photographed.

  6. LJ

    Still can’t figure out why you’d want to wake up next to Blake Lively rather than that.

    • DogBoy

      Because Leo can if he wants to. And he’ll go back around through all his previous chicks if he wants to. That’s real power.

  7. pdan

    Right now that guy is furiously browsing eBay for a t-shirt with a girl giving a guy a beej on it.

  8. How do I sign up to be the next that guy? I can do “disheveled” like nobody’s business!

  9. TomFrank

    Thinking to himself: I should’ve worn that T-shirt of the naked chick fucking the guy.

  10. GuyLeDouche

    So this what Jews get up to when Christians aren’t watching?

  11. HOLY SHIT!!! CALL THE COPS!!! Charlie Manson broke out of jail!!!

  12. Hey, asshole. Get away from my woman! *sigh*

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