1. Licialicia

    mom jeans

  2. Tad Bit Tipsy

    She just looks like most of the women I buy meth from…

  3. Fletch

    Nice hands there Monica

  4. hey stupid. those are for drinking not as a substitute butt plug.

  5. Richard McBeef

    looks like the bolt ons settled in.

  6. baron of all media

    You know, back when she and David Arquette got together I thought “what is she, retarded?” And now I know that *he* must be.

  7. Kabe

    The thumbnail made me think it was Octomom

  8. The moment she realized that she wasted over a decade of her life with David Arquette.

  9. Whiskey for me, water for my horse.

  10. Deacon Jones

    Is she still in makeup from True Blood last week where the vamps started to walk out into the sun?

  11. Deucepickle

    I would destroy that.
    With my humping.

  12. Mar

    When did they give Mumm-ra boobs?

  13. I thought this was Octomom until I noticed the stretchmarks are around the eyes, not the uterus.

  14. Proof that Courtney doesn’t need make-up. She needs a friggin’ time machine.

  15. Frunken

    That’s unfortunate

  16. every 50-year old broad should look this good

  17. Ian

    All of you idiots wish you could get as good as this. What a bunch of fucking losers.

  18. Frank The Duck

    Plastic surgery and emaciation give your face a very natural look…

  19. It’s wonderful that so many people find Courtney Cox so attractive. I’m just not one of them.

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