1. Licialicia

    Yawn. Get a new look already!

  2. Cock Dr

    Always dressed & ready for a tea party with the Queen.
    It must be exhausting.

  3. it had to be said

    If she isn’t wearing a corset with a ball gag in her mouth there is no reason to show her picture.

  4. with the guy’s penis in her purse no wonder the guy in the background is so glum.

  5. Fester

    Man, I really like her, if I could just get past that whole Marilyn Manson splooge-funnelly thing…

  6. Studley Hungwell

    Spent her limit of 15 seconds in direct sunlight; time to be headed indoors

  7. She’s so pale, she makes Anne Hathaway look like Seal.

  8. GuyLeDouche

    Those were the days: Doris Day was NOT playing a butch lesbian in Calamity Jane, everyone thought Rock Hudson was straight, raging nympho Marilyn Monroe was a wholesome young lady, and Richard Nixon was a young man going places. Gotta love the 50s.

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