1. Fletch

    Say hello to my little friend?

  2. ChickenHawk

    I’m not only a member of NAMBLA, I’m the President…

  3. M3Essential

    Must be out headband shopping. . .

  4. Great. He gets rid of the Jackie Stallone headbad, then he starts wearing the ridiculous low-cut Frank Stallone V-neck T-shirt.

  5. Pippi Longstocking used to be so cute when she was much younger and her hair was still red.

  6. The Pope

    I’m guessing his kid’s name is “Pat”.

  7. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Can we keep him Mom???? Pleeeese?……

  8. me

    isnt that the kid from goonies? whats his secret?? kkk

  9. sexyman48

    “That’s right my van filled with candy is right over here…Damn you paparazzi!”

  10. Venom

    Someone stole Christina Aguilera’s son I see.

  11. holymoly

    this way grandma,this way.

  12. First of all, I still can’t believe Schwarzenegger banged this maid, second the kid looks nothing like him.

  13. See what you an get with a Hershey bat and $5.00?

  14. A touching scene from the prequel: “Scent of a paedophile”

  15. Frank The Duck

    Actually the kid is 25 – Pacino is so old that he only makes him look 12…

  16. Lewdown

    Just when I thought I was out – Skarsgard pulls me back in.

  17. NOTE TO CELEBRITIES: Sewn into your garments you’ll find these things we peons call “pockets.” They are there so you don’t have to CARRY YOUR FUCKING CELLPHONES everywhere you go!

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