1. SSHGuru

    She just saw her future.

  2. ChickenHawk

    “No wire hangers!!”

  3. GOT IT!

    I just now realized what i don’t like about her!

    • Satan's bitch

      The gigantically oversized facial features? The rail-thin body? The lack of talent? What, what?!?!

  4. it had to be said


  5. baron of all media

    The “wrong hole” face. To which my response would be “Is it, Anne? Is it?

  6. Colin

    “And after Janice tried to stamp it out, she went like this!”

  7. diego

    Does she brush her teeth with butter? Her skin is whiter than her teeth.

  8. Clearly this was AFTER seeing the movie, not on the way into the theater.

  9. Note to Nolan. Please do not let her emote.

  10. vlad

    She just heard how terrible her attempt at an British accent was

  11. sc4play

    Oh Gawd! Have you really seen the pictures of me in my role as Catwoman? I was REALLY hoping those hadn’t made it across the pond!!

  12. KC

    Where will you be when your laxative kicks in?

  13. GuyLeDouche

    Yep, British toilet paper will do that to you.

  14. Knee Grow

    “This place is. a. dump.”

  15. “All right!! I confess!! I stole all the doilies.”

  16. “See, I CAN make my eyes bigger!”

  17. Coco

    She must be eating the high-fiber dust.

  18. “I try, and I try, and I still can’t whistle.”

  19. For the last time: you’re playing Catwoman, NOT Joker!

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