1. Cock Dr

    I’m assuming she was a model many years and many pounds ago.
    They’re big…whatever they’re made of.

  2. Have the French no shame? I mean sure, they make fun of our ignorance all the time but copying Coco? That’s low…

  3. tlmck

    Knowing the French, she probably models cigarettes.

  4. Crissy

    I thought we were gonna get another Rita Rusty, final five. Thank goodness we got, ah fuck it! this is just as bad!!! FUCK YOU PHOTOBOY! (I say that with love)

  5. Frank The Duck

    I am guessing here but she was the world’s greatest hand model, right?

  6. Buttaface

    I’m guessing she was the model/mascot for the Westminster Dog Show

  7. I assume the French use the word “model” loosely. Much like they do with the word “hygiene”

  8. I dunno ’bout anybody else, but I’m getting a Pam Anderson-at-60-w/o-the-Hep-and-bad-tattoos-and-other-terrible-life-choices-she’s-made-vibe here.

  9. o__O we now know what the original creator of this emoticon was looking at. Not a face.

  10. Oldnslo

    Once again, I find myself in the minority.

  11. Look at the fun bags on this hose hound.

  12. cagster

    What does she model? Hefty Bags?

  13. We need to redefine whatever the hell “model” means these days.

  14. lori

    So now the French are into fake tits too?! This is so depressing.

  15. Blech


    Who pissed off Fish?

  16. Blech

    More like “NJ model”. Amirite?

  17. tito

    The last time I saw a breast that bad an FDA inspector was rejecting it.

  18. your mom

    Is that Stifler’s Mom?

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